about DL6RA
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  • Hallo,
    my name is Adi Rimboeck, and I'm born in the year of 1968.
    My QTH is in Bavarian Forest, a little village, it's called Schoellnach http://www.schoellnach.de , where i live with my YL Manuela.
    I'm engineer for vehicle technics by profession (http://www.dekra.de).
    I'm interested in radio since 1981, first active on 11 meters and in 1997 i get my amateur radio licence, with call DL6RA.
    I'm active on the shortwave radio bands 10 to 80 meters in SSB and some PSK.
    So far I have worked 309 and confirmed 302 DXCC-entities in mode SSB.
    I'm member of GDXF http://www.gdxf.de , DARC http://www.darc.de and ARRL http://www.arrl.com .

    You get my QSL-card via DARC bureau or direct to

    Adolf Rimboeck
    Leschnerweg 2
    D-94508 Schoellnach